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Red light, Green light

September 08, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: Teach french kids children colors numbers

Do you remember the old game Red light, Green light?   You know the one where 1 person turns their back and says green light to the other people. Then, those people run as fast as they can to try to touch the person who is calling out the light colors. Then, when the person turns around and says red light, all of the people have to freeze. If you are caught running, then you have to be sent back to the starting line.

Now that you remember the game, have you ever thought about changing it to a French/Spanish game and playing with your kids? We did that this afternoon and the kids had fun. We even added colors like yellow for slowing down and black for dropping to the ground. We just tried to change it up a bit. Try it with your kids. I’m sure you’ll have fun! It’s a great fun way to learn a new language.

French Colors:

purple – violet

blue – bleu

green – vert

yellow – jaune

orange – orange

red – rouge

black – noir

Spanish Colors:

purple – morado

blue – azul

green – verde

yellow – amarillo

orange – anaranjado

red – rojo

black – negro

Making handprints to learn numbers in French

February 02, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: Teach french kids children colors numbers

One simple fun way to teach your children their numbers in French is to make some handprints on papers with fingerpaint. After they dry, you can hang them up on the fridge and count the fingers in French once a day to review the numbers.

Not into messy painting? A different way to achieve the same result is to trace your children’s hands on a piece of paper and then label each finger with a number.

Remember when teaching the French numbers to your children to mix it up and have them count backwards. This will help them to learn their numbers in French without having to count up to a certain number.
10 – dix
9 – neuf
8 – huit
7 – sept
6 – six
5 – cinq
4 – quatre
3 – trois
2 – deux
1 – un

Teach your children numbers in French!

January 24, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: Teach french kids children colors numbers

Here is a worksheet I created to help my youngest daughter practice her numbers. Having the numbers spelled out gives her a chance to start learning how to read in French. In addition to using this worksheet for numbers 5-9, you can also have your child count their favorite toys. For my daughter it would be her dolls and for my son it would be his lego sets.

Candy Land…

December 21, 2009 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: Teach french kids children colors numbers

The game Candy Land is a great game that you can use to teach French colors and numbers and basic commands. I think most people have some kind of version of the game or I’m sure you can pick it up at a neighborhood garage sale or wal-mart for a decent price.

Candy Land has your basic colors and the numbers don’t go too high, you either have un or deux blocks of colors on the card. You can begin to put the numbers and colors together. For example deux bleu (two blue) or un jaune (one yellow). The more French your child knows, the more complex you can make it. It’s a great fun way to teach your child a little French.

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