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3 Reasons to Teach Your Children a Foreign Language

March 23, 2011 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: teach kids french children resources

I’ve always loved learning and teaching languages ever since I was a young girl. To me, learning a foreign language is fun and so rewarding. Here are the main three reasons why I’m teaching my children to learn French.

1. Age – Learning a foreign language when you are young is so much easier than when you are an adult or even in college. My children soak up the language like a sponge. Many researchers believe that you learn the ability to learn a foreign language after puberty, especially native-like pronunciation. So, now is the time to start teaching your children a foreign language.

2. Bonding Even if you don’t know a foreign language yourself, you can learn along with your son. Pick a foreign language that you find useful or that interests you and run with it. Having this special time with you toddlers or young children will help you to bond together as a family.

3. Expanding their mind – As youngesters, they rarely think or understand what is happening around the world or even that there are people out there who don’t speak English. While you teach them a foreign language you can teach them about the different cultures and countries of the people who speak that language. You can cook new food together and have a great time learning about new and exciting things!

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