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Songs to Teach Children French

March 15, 2011 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: song teach French children

If your children love songs as much as my children do, then using songs is a great approach to help your children learn French. I found this site, Mama Lisa’s World, that has a lot of great songs. It has the MP3 of the songs, plus English and French versions of both. Some even have game instructions. This one is my daughter’s favorite and the original text and MP3 can be found at this link:

À cheval sur mon bidet
Riding My Horsey
Chanson pour sauter sur les genoux
Children’s Song
À cheval sur mon bidet*(1)
Quand il trotte, il est parfait
Au pas, au pas, au pas, (2)
Au trot, au trot, au trot (3)
Au galop, au galop, au galop !(4)
Riding my horsey,
When he trots, he is perfect,
At a walk, at a walk, at a walk,
At a trot, at a trot, at a trot,
At a gallop, at a gallop, at a gallop.
Game Instructions

(1) Sit the child on your lap, holding his/her hands
and make him/her bounce as if riding a horse.

(2) Make a slow beat with your legs,

(3) Speed up the rhythm,

(4) End by a gallop!

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