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Back to the Books!

August 30, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: teach kids french children

Hi everyone! I just got back from a great visit to Canada with my family. We spent most of our time in English speaking Ontario, but we did get to spend some time in French speaking Quebec. It was really cute to see my son walk up to “friendly strangers” to practice his French. He wasn’t fearful at all. It reminded me about how important it is to just dive right in and practice with anyone who is willing to practice with you.

Since we home school, I get to create my own curriculum and I’ve decided to do intensive French this school year. I’ll post any activities that could help you as well with your children. My children are 7, 5 and 2, so I’ll have activities for those ages which could be altered for older (or younger) children as well.

Spanish for Little Boys

August 02, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: spanish workbook for boys

Spanish for little boys is officially available on

This workbook is created especially for parents who do not have any prior knowledge of Spanish. You and your son can embark on a journey of learning a foreign language together. Everything you need is inside this workbook, including a pronunciation guide, a dictionary and a variety of teaching tips. And as with French for Little Boys, you can email me and ask me any questions that you have about the workbook or ask for lesson ideas. I’m here to help you!

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