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Helping Your Children Learn Numbers 11-20 in French

May 24, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: French numbers learn kids teach

Teaching children numbers is one of the building blocks in learning a foreign language. Here’s a great activity to help them learn their numbers from 11-20 in French.

Now that the weather is nice and warm outside. Take a little walk with your children or you can go into your backyard. Take a basket and have your children gather different things like blades of grass, flowers, leaves, etc. As they pick the blades of grass you can count in French with them to help them get used to counting up so high.

Afterwards, you can take your basket of treasures and sit down at the dining room table and do a little craft with them. Let your children make a masterpiece by gluing the grass and flowers on some paper. As they glue them on, have them count them again in French. Hang up their masterpieces so they will be reminded of the numbers they learned.

Here are some the number in French from 11-20:

11 onze
12 douze
13 treize
14 quatorze
15 quinze
16 seize
17 dixsept
18 dixhuit
19 dixneuf
20 vingt

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