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Memory Rhythm Game to Learn Body Parts in French or Spanish

May 08, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: game learn french body parts, Spanish

Here’s a fun memory game to help your children learn their body parts in French or Spanish.

Clap your hands and establish a rhythm together. Then, within your rhythm point to one body part and say the name. Next, start over with the same rhythm point to that first body part and say its name and then add another one. Start over and keep adding body parts to it.

Here are some body parts in French:

head -la tête
face – le visage
neck – le cou
eye – l’œil
eyes – les yeux
nose – le nez
ear – l’oreille
mouth – la bouche
hair – les cheveux
arm – le bras
hand – la main
fingers – les doigts
finger – le doigt
back – le dos
leg – la jambe
foot – le pied

Here are some body parts in Spanish:

head -el brazo
nose – la nariz
eye – el ojo
mouth – la boca
hair – el pelo
arm – el brazo
hand – la mano
finger – el dedo
back – la espalda
foot – el pie

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