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Mini Spanish Number Book

May 07, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: Spanish numbers learn kids

Here is a mini Spanish number book you can use to help your children learn Spanish. Your kids can color the pictures and words and then cut apart the sections and staple the little pages together. Or they can use yarn to bind your book together. You can also have your children decorate the pages with stickers or glitter. Have fun with it!

2 Comments to “Mini Spanish Number Book”

  1. best4future says:

    Glad to find another person who promotes bilingual life. Me too! I am a big fun of bilingual education, bilingual parenting, and bilingual life as you are. Right now I am teaching my baby to learn Chinese, hoping she will become a bilingual in the future.

    Can we exchange link? My reciprocal link goes like this:

    Best4Future Blog: Bringing up baby bilingual!
    Devoted to bilingual learning, parenting and teaching!

    You can submit your link at and click "links". Thank you!

  2. Yvonne Crawford says:

    Wow! That is great! My youngest son is from Taiwan and my husband speaks Chinese so we'd like him to learn Chinese (as well as my other kids). So many goals! Sure. I need to make a links page and I'll put yours in it!


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