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Making Cookies, Learning French Shape Words

March 27, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: shapes French learn kids children

Today, I played a fun little game with my daughter. I had some pre-made cookie dough and put it on the cookie pan and then I told her what shape of cookie she was to make, in French. She had so much fun making the different shapes.

After we cookies them she told me their shapes in French before eating them. We used Peanut Butter cookie dough because that was what we had, but you could use sugar cookie dough and they could decorate them afterwards. That way you could practice the colors in French, as well as the French words for shapes.

Here are some helpful French shape words that you could use:

le carré – the squarele
cercle – the circlele
cœur – the heartle
rectangle – the rectangle
le losange – the diamond
l’ovale – the oval

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