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The Jelly Bean Olympics

March 22, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: Easter learn teach kid, Jellybeans

Some days I just get to where I want to goof off all day. Today was one of those days. I did it, but in a fun and educational way. We had the Jelly Bean Olympics. We had silly games using jelly beans and the whole time I made the kids speak French.

One game was a jellybean relay where each kid had to have a spoon with 1 jelly bean and then run the distance of the yard, the other child was then shouting out the number in French, then we switched kids and added a jelly bean. The other child now had to yell out the number in French. We also yelled things like, “Cours!” (run) and “vite!” (quickly).

We also had a jelly bean toss where I laid different colors of construction paper on the ground and they had to toss their jelly beans to the right color of paper. So, if they had a blue jelly bean then they had to throw it on the blue piece of paper. (Of course they had to use their French and say which color they had.

We tried to balance jelly beans on our noses, but that wasn’t very successful, but it did bring a lot of laughs!

And what do you think we did at the end? Yup, we ate a bunch of jellybeans! All and all a good day!

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