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Using Spring to learn French

March 20, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: Learn French spring

My 2 year old is learning French and English at the same time, but he tends to use English much more often. English is his 2nd language because he was born in Taiwan. So, French is his 3rd language. I have to think out of the box in order to ‘trick’ him into practicing French with the rest of us. Today, we took a walk around the neighborhood and all of the beautiful azaleas were in bloom. He started to pick the ones up off of the ground that had fallen and I saw a great opportunity to get him to practice numbers.

I was carrying a plastic cup in my bag, so I let him use it to gather up the flowers. I helped to him count the flowers in French. When we were done collecting flowers and we went home he started to count the flowers by himself in French. He didn’t get too far and he looked to me for help, but he did try.

The lesson I learned today, is run with whatever is motivating your child at that time, especially younger children. And use the different seasons of the year to aid you!

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