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Playing “Restaurant”

March 05, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: eat learn french

You can play this at home or if you feel really up to it, you can do this at a real restaurant. What I like to do is I make something like a fruit salad with lots of different fruit. I also make a few other small things. I try to have lots of little food so my children can practice lots of different vocabulary words. I sit them down at a table and I pretend to be a waitress. (Really, I always am anyways, so that role is no different.) As they eat the different food, I have them say phrases like:

Je mange une fraise. (I’m eating a strawberry.)
Tu manges une orange. (You’re eating an orange.)

You can also play this with play food or with food they’ve colored and cut out. The key is to get them to practice different types of food words in French.

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