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Easter Egg Hunt!

February 26, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: Easter memory learn french

Easter is still far away, but we have already broken out the Easter eggs and have been having a few hunts. There was nothing in the eggs, the kids just like to find them. Today I decided to do something different. I took 24 plastic eggs and put 12 pairs of pictures in them. 1 in each egg. So, after the egg hunt, my children got to open them up and match the pairs.

Today I just quickly drew pictures of body parts and threw them in there, but you could use pictures of anything you want to teach your children.

A varation on this is to do a traditional memory game where they can open 2 eggs at a time. If the pictures match, they can keep the drawings out, but if they don’t match, then they have to put the pictures back and try again.

This is a very fun way to get your children interested in learning French and you can play it over and over during the next several weeks.

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