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Buying French children books

February 21, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: french children books

A lot of times it is hard to find French children books in the USA. You can find some on Amazon and some at your local Barnes and Nobles, but another great place to find them is on Ebay. Lots of times they are shipped from Canada, so you might have to pay a little extra shipping, but you can find some good deals if you look for them.

Also, if your children like comic books, Archie prints their comic books in French in Canada and you can order them and have them shipped to your house. You can contact the Archie distributor in Canada for more information.

Some good French children books my kids like are Oui Oui (which is Noddy in English), the French version of Dora (odd because instead of teaching you Spanish, they teach you English, but the bulk of the books are in French), and their favorite is Franklin.

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  1. wenjonggal says:

    I am here in Montreal, QC, Canada, and I have to ply my son with Franklin (Benjamin the Turtle in English), Bob the builder (bob bricoleur) and thomas the tank engine books too in French to get him to listen! We're fortunate as we can go to the library which are majority French books here.

    But I do order a lot from amazon and barnes& noble in the US to get Chinese books, so I understand the international thing… You might try our best French bookstore: (there is a French page too, just stop at .com… what I linked to is English), and I looked, they ship to the US for $12.95 for first item and about $3 for additional items… the reason why I tend to buy in bulk when I order from the US!

    Try books by Marie-Louise Gay, Genevieve Côté, the "P'tit Garçon" series (not great literature but my son loves them)… check out the picturebook section (under "youth") and also books from Quebec! Interesting what you say about Dora… we watch Dora in Chinese and it is for learning English, which means majority Chinese.


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