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A Tea Party for Deux!

February 17, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: greetings french children teach

A really fun way to practice greetings and small talk in French is to have your daughter (or son) have a tea party with their stuffed animals. They can say ‘bonjour‘ (hello), ‘Comment ça va?’ (How’s it going?) and other phrases to their stuffed animals or dolls. You can even speak for their dolls by speaking French back to them. My daughter really likes it when I pretend to be her dolls.

If you want to get your son in the action, just make it a real tea party with cookies and milk and I’m sure he’ll come to the party and participate!

Here are some more phrases you can use at the tea party:

ça va bien – It’s going well
ça va mal – It’s going poorly
comme-çi comme ça – so-so
s’il vous plaît – please
merci – thank you
de rien – you’re welcome

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