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Creating a Menu in French with your child!

January 26, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: food french teach kids preschoolers children

Hardly anything sounds sweeter to me than, “Mom will you teach me more French?” That’s what my daughter said to me today. She wanted to play ‘restaurant with here little toy kitchen, so we came up with a great idea together. We decided to make a menu in French. We took pictures of her various foods and printed them out, then we cut them out and put them on construction paper and wrote out the French names underneath the picture and of course we put prices for all of the food as well.

Afterwards we took places ordering and being the cook. It was a lot of fun. One way to simplify this idea is to have your child draw the pictures of food. It could save you a lot of energy and ink.

Here are some of the food vocabulary that we used:

Banana – la banane
orange – l’orange
bread – le pain
milk – le lait
grapes – les raisins
cheese – le fromage
cake – le gâteau

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