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Conjunctions in French for your children!

January 18, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: conjunctions French kids teach learn memory

Conjunctions are useful in any language because they combine 2 parts of a sentence. The two that are the most important ones to concentrate on in my opinion are: et (and) and mais (but). You might just want to start out with et because it’s easier to grasp and you can teach it easily. The pronunciation is [ay].

You can introduce it by using it with all English words: “Look, there is a black et white cat in the picture.” Sometimes slipping it in like that works and sometimes it doesn’t. If you need another plan of attack a fun way to introduce it is by playing the classic game of memory. I’m sure you have at least one deck of some kind of memory game and if you don’t, you can use a regular deck of cards or you can print out the memory game to the side. I found it on
When you play, you can use as many pairs of cards as you feel your child can do. Turn the cards upside down and you can take the first turn (if they let you). Say “I have a heart et a bear.” Then, turn them over and let your child have their turn. Prompt them to use et.

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