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Horses in French

January 12, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: horse french learn kids teach

My daughter loves horses and she asked me to learn some horse words in French and wanted to play some kind of horse game too.


le cheval – the horse

les chevaux – the horses

J’ai – I have

Tu as – You have


What we did was simply gather all of her toy horses together (mostly My Little Ponies) and we grouped them and talked about how many she had and how many I had. We also spoke about them running and jumping. She also spoke about how she loved them in French. So, you can make this activity to the level of your children.

Here’s a small clip of her speaking French.

1 Comments to “Horses in French”

  1. Montessori Moments says:

    i found you from the mom blogs and I am SO GLAD i did. My husband and I are taking French classes once a week. Our daughters (4 &1) will attend an all french school so we are trying to learn a bit as well. The 4 year old goes to an all French pre-maternelle 1 full day a week, and 1 half day a week. Next year maternelle is all day every day.
    Your site will be a great help!


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