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Putting it together…a French grammar lesson for kids

January 10, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: to be french teach kids children

A lot of my posts are about different vocabulary words that you can teach your children in French. Now it is time to teach them a little grammar. You can start with the verb to be: être. You conjugate it like this, but this is for your information, you don’t need to teach your child how to conjugate.

je suis – I am
tu es – you are (familiar)
il/elle/on est – he, she, one is
nous sommes – we are
vous êtes – you are (formal)
ils/elles sont – they are (mas/fem)

You might want to start by only teaching “Je suis” and “You are.” I know that some people choose to have their children speak to them using the formal tone, while others have their children speak to them using the familiar. It’s up to you.

What you will need:
construction paper

What to do:
1. First, you and your child can make masks of various animals. As you are making the masks, you can say the names of the animals in French.
2. Afterwards, you and your child can take turns saying what they are and the other person is. For example: Je suis un lion.

Need a quicker activity?
Instead of making masks, you can use halloween costumes or any costumes you have and do the same thing. Dress up and say what you are in French!

1 Comments to “Putting it together…a French grammar lesson for kids”

  1. Thank you very much for caring to teach others..I will keep using your tips with my grandaughter. MERCI A VOUS


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