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Being polite in French!

January 04, 2010 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: bingo french teach kids polite words

Everyone wants to have a child who is polite. Thank you and Please are two of the first things I taught my children in French. A polite child is great, but a polite child in French is cute and great together! Here are some phrases you can teach your child:

pardon – pardon
excusez-moi – excuse me
Merci beaucoup – thank you very much
de rien – you’re welcome
s’il vous plaît – please

Attached to this post is a simplied bingo game that you can play with your child. You can print out the chart and hang it on your fridge. Then, when you child uses one of the phrases correctly, they can put a sticker on it. When they get 3 in a row, they win!

(Double click the bingo image to make it bigger and to print it.)

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