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Fruit salad

May 17, 2009 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: Uncategorized

Wanna teach your kids some fruit words? Make a simple fruit salad and you have many opportunities to learn the fruit words and reinforce through the activity. You can practice as you buy the fruit at the supermarket, when you cut the fruit and when you all eat the fruit salad. A nice laid back way that you can buy fruit without the craziness of a superstore is to go to a farmer’s market. This way you can take your time and learn all of the fruit. Here are some fruit vocabulary words:

une banane —–banana
une cerise ——cherry
un citron——- lemon
une fraise ——strawberry
une framboise –raspberry
une mûre ——-blackberry
une myrtille —-blueberry
une orange —–orange
une pêche ——peach
une poire ——-pear
une pomme —–apple
un raisin ——–grape

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