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French word wall

April 29, 2009 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: Uncategorized

I know most parents have heard about word walls for when you teach your children how to read. So, why not make a French word wall for when you teach your children how to learn/read French? Find the perfect spot in your house where you child will see it while he is studying his French. Perhaps the closet door on your food pantry right next to the kitchen table where you teach your child French? Any place you find will be just right for your family.

The next step is to add a few French words to your wall and review them every day. You can add to the wall whenever your children are ready to move onto new vocabulary.

You can attach the words onto the door or wall or you can buy a poster board to attach to the wall and then attach the words to it. Either way will work. Also, you can make a title for your word wall. For me, we used “Callum’s and Mia’s French Word Wall.” My kids prefer a little ownership and it does show them that it is indead their wall. Do whatever you want to make the space a great space for you and your children!

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