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How to motivate your children to learn French

April 28, 2009 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: motivate children to learn French

My kids sometimes need a little motivation to learn French or any school subject for that matter. Here are a few approaches that I use.

French Wall: I’ve spoken about this previously. We have a wall in our living room where I hang a few strands of yarn and then hang their French work on the yarn with clothes pins. This is an opportunity for them to really see what they are accomplishing and to be proud of what they are doing.

Make a daily chart for every day they do their French: You can print out a simple calendar or make one yourself. Every day your child studies French you can have them color in the box for that day. This is another way for them to see their progress and to be proud of themselves.

Reward of another activity: Some days my kids really want to do something other than study French, so I simply tell them we can do that activity after French. This motivates them to concentrate very hard so they can move on to the next activity.

Reward of a treat: I rarely use this tactic, but it definately has its place for motivation. But the treat could even just be a little box of raisins or a graham cracker.

Praise: I know I’m a person who needs a lot of praise for what I’ve done so I think others like it as well. I really try to praise my kids as much as I can for their French learning. I don’t think you can praise your child too much.

No reward, just do it: Yes, there are days when they don’t want to study French where I just say, “I’m the mom and you have to do it.” And of course it works because it’s true. 😉

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