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Teachng facial vocabulary to your children

April 24, 2009 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: face teach kids children french preschoool

Here are some facial words that you can teach your children and at the end I have an activity you can do together.

head -la tête

face – le visage

nose – le nez

eyes – les yeux

ear – l’oreille

mouth – la bouche

Most kids like to draw, so after you teach your children the above words, you can do this drawing activity.

What you will need:

What to do:
1. Tell your child that he/she will draw a face. As you say the words in French they can then draw them on the page. For younger kids you may need to help them with the face shape.
2. After you child completes the activity have them point to each face part and tell you the name in French.

Hint: If they can’t remember a word in French, point to your face and show them what it is rather than telling them the English name for it.

Have fun with this activity and when you are done you can hang your face on your French wall so they can use it to review their facial vocabulary later on.

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