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Fruit Bat French game for your toddlers

August 05, 2008 By: Yvonne Crawford Category: Uncategorized

Ever have one of those days were you just kind of wanna lay around? Well here is the perfect French game for you…It’s my sister’s creation, but I changed it to be a French game. It’s called Baby Fruit bats.

First you lay on your bed or on the couch and you summon all of your kids to you. You explain to them that they are baby fruit bats and they need to find their food to eat. What you do next is simple, you just tell them to find something in a certain color. This is where I changed it to French. So we practiced all of the French colors. You can say “Okay little fruit bats, go find something ‘bleu’. Flap your wings”. Off your kids go to find something ‘bleu’ while flapping there arms. Then when they all return the baby fruit bats pretend to eat it and then await for the next command. If your kids are more advanced in French you can play the whole game in French. And at the end of the game you just tell the little fruit bats to put away the toys, clothes, pretend food, or whatever they got out.

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